Let the Holiday Making Begin!

Soon, the ornament making and cookie baking will be in full swing.

But First….

A little look at our walk in the park!

Deep breath in……  and out

Before I dive deep into my busiest season of making, I’d like to reflect and share our alternative to heading out to the gym to hop on a treadmill.  We do hop in the car and get ready for a brisk walk, but we clock in our miles along trails surrounded by the Redwoods, meadows of clover and wildlife at Henry Cowell State Park in Felton, California.

Cool morning in the forest.
Sunshine peeking through the last of the morning fog.

It’s refreshing, invigorating and inspires gratitude for the natural beauty of our area!  The Japanese call it Forest Bathing, and I agree with the benefits of breathing in the fresh and fragrant air of the forest. Along with exercise, our walks gives me a sense of appreciation for this lovely place we call home and for the health and mobility that allows for free movement needed for even this gentle hike.

Each day is a little different.  Some are sunny and warm, others are a bit chilly, due to the moist fog from the Pacific that nourishes these magnificent trees.


A couple of friends join us on the path. The little one is considering his hop over the fence.

Most days, in the slight differences, we notice something new.  Most recently, a small patch of very unusual Albino Redwoods peeked out at us along the path.


Now as I head out to the workshop to focus on my annual porcelain tree ornaments, I will remember to take time for our refreshing walks in the park!

🌲 Carol


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