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Looking back just a bit

It was a busy time of making, baking, and fighting the never welcomed viruses of the season. I was hopeful about the baking part... I wanted to make Christmas cookies with the grandkids, my father in law's traditional nut rolls (thank you to Bob and Kathy for sending nut rolls!) and assorted pies and other… Continue reading Looking back just a bit

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Let the Holiday Making Begin!

Soon, the ornament making and cookie baking will be in full swing. But First.... A little look at our walk in the park! Deep breath in......  and out Before I dive deep into my busiest season of making, I'd like to reflect and share our alternative to heading out to the gym to hop on… Continue reading Let the Holiday Making Begin!

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Every Day is Valentine’s Day ❤️

At Least it is at Our House! My husband and I welcome each day by wishing each other a "Happy Valentine's Day"!  We don't fuss over February 14th so much because we know that our love and appreciation for each other should be shown every day of the year!  (I must admit that February 14th… Continue reading Every Day is Valentine’s Day ❤️

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Button, Button Who Needs a Button?

...or more than a few? Who has some great yarn, just begging for unique buttons to complement a great sweater design?  Who has a comfy coat or jacket with ho-hum buttons, ready for a new handcrafted update? Do you have a hat or other accessory that could use a quick embellishment? Winterize your button stash… Continue reading Button, Button Who Needs a Button?

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‘Tis the Season!

It's just after Thanksgiving and I'm on a third batch of annual ornaments for our town of Boulder Creek! It felt terrible to disappoint folks at the tree lighting and Santa sighting last evening.  They had sold out before some could claim theirs.  Not to worry, I'm cutting a big kiln load today and will… Continue reading ‘Tis the Season!

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The Ladies of Bonny Doon

Here's a little behind the scenes look at my latest custom order.  I am honored to have been asked to make ornament keepsakes for The Ladies of Bonny Doon Club to celebrate the club's 75th Anniversary! They were to be a surprise for the members, so I couldn't post about this project until they've celebrated… Continue reading The Ladies of Bonny Doon

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Lacy Days of Spring

I've always cherished the crocheted lace doilies that my mom and great aunts had made. They graced most of the wood furniture in our house when I was growing up.  I use them sometimes, but mostly just take them out for a look-see every once in a while. They all have a little different feel.  Some are silky… Continue reading Lacy Days of Spring

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A Little More Show Biz

While I’m catching up on a little television news, I’ll share a couple more “As Seen on TV” moments.  If you stay with me to the end of this post, you'll find the strangest one! In late spring 2015, I was watching a new episode of the TV show Bones (Season 10, episode 21 "The Life… Continue reading A Little More Show Biz

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The Emmys Project

Once again, I'm playing catch up.  It's been a long while since my last post.  Not that there hasn't been quite a bit going on, I've just not taken the time to put some of it into words. My last post was to provide a little sneak peek into an exciting opportunity I had through The Artisan… Continue reading The Emmys Project

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100 Little Things

Just one hundred pair of earrings.  Only 100, well 200 pieces.  That's all!  It didn't seem too nutty at the time, and doesn't now that I'm almost finished either.  It was a pretty big commitment for a really cool opportunity that I'll let you know more about pretty soon.  After cutting and shaping the first 150… Continue reading 100 Little Things