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Looking back just a bit

It was a busy time of making, baking, and fighting the never welcomed viruses of the season. I was hopeful about the baking part... I wanted to make Christmas cookies with the grandkids, my father in law's traditional nut rolls (thank you to Bob and Kathy for sending nut rolls!) and assorted pies and other… Continue reading Looking back just a bit

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Wrapping It Up

It's hard to believe that we are already a full month into the new year and I haven't even wrapped up 2013 yet! My last post was in the fall when I had just begun designing my annual Christmas ornament. Here's a peek at some pieces "under construction". I enjoyed making these ornaments every step… Continue reading Wrapping It Up

Ornaments · Work in Progress

2013 Ornament Design in Progress!

I know that Christmas comes around the same time every year, but it seems that each year, my handcrafted porcelain ornaments hit the shows and shops "hot off the press"! Or more accurately, out of the kiln! I have a design idea that I'm quite happy with right now.  There are several pieces ready to… Continue reading 2013 Ornament Design in Progress!