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These porcelain pieces measure 3/4” from top to tip and are fired with a glossy art glaze in shades of golden beige with a touch of aqua.  I’ve accented each porcelain shape with real gold luster on the edges and fired for a third time, adding a little extra shine!  These earrings are shown hanging from hand shaped gold-filled hoops.

The porcelain clay is textured using molds that I made using vintage crocheted lace doilies.  You can read about my process making these earrings and necklaces in my blog post, Lacy Days of Spring.

I shape these ear wires using gold-filled wire. I really like these hoops because they don’t work their way out of my ear the way some ear wires do. I’ve lost too many earrings in just that way! 

My earrings are very comfortable to wear. Porcelain is an ideal material for these lightweight earrings. Great glazes in a wide range of colors enhance the textures of each piece.

I create my jewelry and buttons by shaping porcelain or stoneware clay and texturing most with stamps that I make. I make most stamps by collecting textures from all sorts of items. There are great textures everywhere, from nature to items found around the house! After drying thoroughly, the porcelain pieces are bisque fired to 1888 degrees F. I then glaze each piece and fire them a second time, this time to 2232 degrees F to ensure durability and a nice finish.

I have a great time creating my pieces and hope that you enjoy them as much as I do!




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